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Dear Designer:

Many clients are already familiar with lighting control of some form. Perhaps they have seen it in a friend’s home, have it in another one of their residences or perhaps they have seen it in some of the many publications that review control systems. They look to you as their design professional to implement a system that will be easy to understand and fun to use.

As a systems integration company, how can Tree Ridge help you implement a Lighting Control System?

We have experience and knowledge and have been designing systems since the first microprocessor-based products were available. We have been in business since 1978 at the same location.

Our extensive knowledge of the electrical trade and products allows us to work well with the electrician on your project. This experience and knowledge will help your project run smoothly from the first ground breaking to having your clients relaxing in the living room of their new home.

Tree Ridge Services


Preliminary Budgeting

Early budgeting that is accurate will keep a Lighting Control System on your client's project. We can work with your preliminary information to develop a budget quickly and accurately as we have years of experience with many different types of projects, from large and small residences to commercial businesses.

We know what clients have wanted on other projects, and we know what questions to ask to get the answers we need in a timely and cost effective manner.

We understand how important these early figures are to the design process, and we take great care in making sure that no details are overlooked at this crucial early stage.


Preliminary Design Support

With our experience we can work with many design specialists. We can work with your lighting designer to learn layout and incorporate it into a Lighting Control System.

We can work directly with architectural office staff in charge of electrical systems layout and blueprint preparation.

We can work directly with the Electrical Contractor in determining panel location, load schedules, and switching locations.


Completed Design

Our completed design allows us to layer in Auto Cad a final blueprint that closely coordinates with the following Lighting Control System schedules:

  • Floor plan schedules for your review and the review of the interiors people
  • Light fixture schedules from information you provide for your review
  • Panel schedules, control station schedules for the Electrical Contractor

This keeps everyone on the “same page” and not wasting valuable time searching for answers.


System Implementation

We believe that systems should be flexible and simple to operate. We train the Electrical Contractor on the wiring requirements of the system. We have found that most Electrical contractors prefer using a lighting control system for a variety of reasons.

  • It reduces complex "three-way" and "four-way" switch wiring
  • It also acts as a safety net for last minute added loads and their need for control

Once Electrical contractors have had the chance to become familiar with all of the potential benefits of a Lighting Control System, they often become one of the best resources for sales and job referrals.


System Completion

Tree Ridge provides complete system start-up services including:

  • Lighting Control System start-up/commissioning
  • "Certificate of Occupancy" basic programming as required by law
  • Basic or complex programming as determined by the client
  • Lighting loads can be automatically engaged at certain times of the day or night as they client desires
  • “Vacation Mode” memorizes the user lighting patterns for a period of up to one week and can duplicate these patterns when the client is away on vacation, giving the impression that the home is occupied.

The Happy and Satisfied Client

Tree Ridge Enterprise is a complete electronics integration company that is client-driven in our business model. We establish trusting, long-term relationships with the people we work with.

We continue to work with the client for months after the system is commissioned, if the situation dictates. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Additional lighting programming as we work with the client to establish preset levels in "scenes" and/or "path" groupings that add to the comfort and convenience of living in a lighting controlled home environment
  • Changing the use of the system wide programming as the client adjusts their lifestyle to their new home

Scenario: Lighting Control System Flexibility from Design

The kitchen wiring is complete.

At the last minute, before finished surfaces are to be applied, the owner requests another group of lights to be added to the lighting scheme to highlight some artwork.

The electrician has to install and wire the new light fixtures.

With a Lighting Control System he only has to run the feed for the new group of lights back to the lighting control panel. With lighting control stations already at entrance ways and counter tops, the electrician does not have to add any switches or, worse yet, tear into the existing switch banks to replace the switch boxes with larger ones to accommodate the new loads.

The lighting control stations can be programmed to accommodate the new loads in any way that the owner wishes.

All of this means less work for the electrician and less impact on the overall building schedule.

In Conclusion

We have shown how, from our experience, a Lighting Control System can simplify your design process and give great flexibility to your clients. This should make you feel comfortable that, during the often-changing design and building process of a custom home, Tree Ridge Enterprise is there to help at every stage of the job.

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