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Music is essential to creating the distinct identity you need for success. DMX MUSIC offers innovative solutions to build your brand through award-winning music programming, visual imaging, message marketing, and high impact, efficient multimedia systems. DMX MUSIC is revolutionizing the way people hear music, resulting in increased sales, enhancement of your brand image, and the creation of the desired atmosphere for your business environment. Tree Ridge designs and installs premier quality business music systems throughout Vermont, as in the leading premium resorts, businesses, and places of worship, using DMX MUSIC because it provides businesses and their clients with the music quality they have come to expect.

Hear the Difference

DMX MUSIC systems and equipment are designed with advanced technologies to deliver the widest variety of digital, CD-quality music 24 hours a day in dozens of formats, with no commercials or DJ chatter.

DMX MUSIC offers unprecedented management controls. You can automatically select channels you want or block out any unsuitable for your business, either on-site or from the worldwide origination center in Denver. Use DMX "dayparting" to change music with the time of day or "zoning" to hear different sounds in different areas.

DMX MUSIC gives you
a total business sound system solution.

Direct Broadcast Satellite

DMX MUSIC's commercial-grade digital satellite receiver and compact rooftop antenna are exceptionally reliable and easily installed by Tree Ridge Enterprise, your DMX MUSIC service expert.

With the DMX MUSIC DJ Remote you never have to wonder what's on. This optional feature tells you the name of the artist, song title and album for each selection. It even lets you program your receiver and adjust the volume. But this DJ never interrupts the music.

On-Premise Solutions

DMX MUSIC delivers the world's leading digital on-premise systems available, to provide all the features and functionality you need to build your business image. DMX has combined the creative power of programming expertise with state-of-the-art technology to give you total control over what your customers hear.

You can choose how you would like to receive your music via the Internet or through CD-ROM updates. Plus, depending on the type of service, you'll also be able to take advantage of on-site and on-hold messaging capabilities. With DMX MUSIC, you'll receive a simple-to-operate solution with multiple options and hassle-free media updates that is right for your business.

DMX MUSIC will ignite the intense sounds of your music universe - the sound you want, when you want it. From mild to wild, DMX MUSIC provides the acoustic ambiance that can transform your mood, soothe your soul, or set you off on a thrill peaking ride. It 's blasted. It's sultry. It's DMX MUSIC.

Tree Ridge specializes in designing custom business music systems for each unique setting. Music makes a powerful impact on business and Tree Ridge puts that power to work for you.


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